One Lawndale

August 14, 2021


In front of The Firehouse Community Arts Center of Chicago

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Headline Schedule

Hosted by Phenom

12 - 1:45pm

DJ Rock On

Duane Powell

Duane Powell

As a DJ, he had a popular internet radio program on Swank Society. He has spun at and has residencies at many of the most popular venues around the city including the House Of Blues, Virgin Hotel, The Promontory and Reggie’s Music Club. 

2:15 - 3:30pm

3:45 - 4:15pm

Microphone Misfitz

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Based in Chicago, the Microphone Misfitz are more than a band or crew, creating music but using the pillars of HipHop (turntablism/DJing; MCing; breakin’; graffiti/street art; knowledge & overstanding) and their shared dynamics to enlighten and sustain their audiences and themselves.

Breaking Battle


4:30 - 5pm

Damon Lamar

Damon Lamar Reed is a visual artist as well a recording artist, responsible for over 100 murals in Chicago.  “I paint raps and rap paintings!” His latest project merges the 2 arts.  Damon created a painting to go with every song on his album, Life App, short for Life Application.  Life App is a sound and visual journey of his path to attain greatness. 

Chi Buck Movement

CHICAGO + KRUMP = CHI BUCK MOVEMENT. That’s it. That’s all. We are a movement, not a crew. Everyone is welcome and you contribute at your discretion. We are friends that are building the krump scene. Chicago is BUCK and we are pushing to bring that FACT to LIGHT!” with a mission to “provide knowledge and awareness of krump in Chicago while building respect for the culture along with a positive impact among individuals.”

5 - 5:15pm

5:30 - 6pm


PHENOM, born Teh’Ray Hale, learned to rhyme at the becoming age of 13 in the back streets of Chicago, Illinois.  Influenced by legendary artists like Rakim, Nas, Common, Black Thought of the Legendary Roots, & Bob Marley; PHENOM set a goal as becoming himself, a legendary artist. 


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The LowDown Brass Band is a uniquely strong representation of Chicago Music culture. This talented all horn band leans heavily on dancehall and street beat rhythm, with the energy of conscious hip hop, jazz, reggae, and soul.

6:30 - 7:30pm


Breakdance and Footwork battle

Click the play button to watch Firehouse Footwork in action.

live art

Graffiti showcase

basketball 3 on 3

Game Truck



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