16th Annual Firefest Hip-Hop Block Party to Unite Community and Showcase Artists

The 16th Annual Firefest, presented by the Firehouse Community Arts Center of Chicago, is set to take place on August 12 from Noon-9 PM at 2111 S. Hamlin Ave in North Lawndale. This highly anticipated, family-oriented event is the only Hip-hop block party on the West Side.

Sponsored by Pepsi and St. Anthony, the Firefest is strategically designed to offer a full day of engagement for attendees. Various neighborhood activities will be available, catering to youth, adults and families alike. The festivities will encompass a wide range of attractions such as food, music, art, yoga, basketball tournaments, graffiti artwork, an EMC battle, game trucks, inflatable bounce houses and more throughout the day. Multiple local hip-hop artists are slated to perform. The event’s grand finale will feature a memorable show by viral hip-hop sensation LaRussell, delivering his authentic and heartfelt flows.

“The Firefest is important because it brings the community together and continues to perpetuate hope within our youth and young adults,” said founder and CEO Pastor Phil Jackson. “Our block party has always elevated hip hop as an artist tool towards transformation in the lives of our community. People look forward to the North Lawndale community coming together to celebrate the power of the arts for transformation, the arts, and youth.”

To attend the 16th Annual Firefest Hip Hop Black Party, we encourage free registration at this link.

About the Firehouse Community Arts Center: 

The Firehouse Community Arts Center has served as a haven for young people in the Chicago area for over a decade. It has been coordinating various events and art programs dedicated to preventing and interrupting youth and young adults caught in the violence. The Firehouse Community Art Center was birthed from youth and young adults in North Lawndale who attended an all-youth and young adult Saturday night Hip-Hop worship service in 2003, started by Pastor Phil Jackson. Youth and young adults came from all over the community and city to engage in the arts. This prompted Pastor Phil and several partners to incorporate The Firehouse Community Art Center as a 501(c)(3) in 2006, and 2007 they purchased the 100-year-old Chicago Firehouse in North Lawndale. The Firehouse now offers year-round, multi-disciplinary cultural arts programming, mentorship, leadership, and workforce development centered around preventing and interrupting violence.

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