Firehouse Featured in Cook County Justice Advisory Council

As the Gun Violence Awareness Month concludes, the newsletter highlights the efforts made by Cook County to prevent and reduce gun violence. Despite the high rates of gun violence impacting families and communities, there is a growing wave of hope due to increased funding, research, and collaboration to combat this crisis.

Since 2022, $110 million has been awarded through the Cook County Gun Violence Prevention and Reduction Grant initiative. The grant supports 150 service providers that tirelessly offer resources and build relationships with individuals at high risk of falling victim to gun violence. This dedicated work helps to break the cycles of trauma and violence, planting seeds of peace in the community.

Among the four service providers spotlighted is the Firehouse Community Arts Center. This organization uses a localized approach to interrupt cycles of violence in North Lawndale by engaging young people through the arts. The Firehouse Community Arts Center’s efforts are a testament to the community’s collective effort to reduce gun violence and bring about change.

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